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China Ocean Engineering INTRODUCTION

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Sponsored by Chinese Ocean Engineering Society, edited by Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute, and distributed by Springer Nature, China Ocean Engineering started publication in 1987. The Journal is a comprehensive academic bimonthly in English (ISSN 0890-5487).

China Ocean Engineering takes as its prime function the introduction to advances in research concepts, experiments, technology, materials and structures, etc., related to ocean engineering, especially advances in  China .

The Journal is concerned with all engineering aspects involved in the exploration and utilization of ocean resources, such as offshore engineering, dive and salvage, utilization of marine energy resources, protection of ocean environment and underwater technology.

Topics regularly covered include design and construction of structures (including platforms, breakwaters, wharves, dikes and mooring systems), instrumentation/testing (physical model and numerical model), structural material, structural/stress analysis, soil mechanics, sedimentation, and wave dynamics.

The Journal will devote itself to strengthening academic exchanges, promoting cooperation in science and technology, and making valuable contributions to the progress in ocean engineering and the development and utilization of marine resources worldwide.

The Journal China Ocean Engineering was distributed by Pergamon Journals Limited from 1987 to 1993, and has been distributed by Springer since 2011 . Free sample copies are distributed to the libraries of eminent universities, and design, research, and construction establishments.

China Ocean Engineering is now on the list of the Source Journals of China Scientific papers by the Ministry of Science and Technology, P. R. China and indexed / abstracted by:

1.  AMR  ( Applied Mechanics Reviews ,  USA );

2.  CBST  ( Current Bibliography on Science and Technology,  Japan  );

3.  CSA  (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts: ASFA2—Ocean Technology Policy & Non Living Resources, Oceanic Abstracts, USA );

4.  EI  ( Engineering Index ,  USA  );

5.  PA  ( Petroleum Abstracts , USA );

6.  PЖ ( “Abstract Journals” — M(B) , Russia );

7.  SCI (Scientific Citation Index — SCI Expanded, Research Alert and Current Contents/Engineering, Computing & Technology,  USA  ).


Manuscripts for publication from both home and abroad are welcome.

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